Come to Brescia!

Come to Brescia!


Did you know that in Santa Giulia Museum, in Brescia, a beautiful  “Nike”  is on exhibit?
It’s a Winged Victory, an extraordinary bronze statue of the 1st century A.D., found in town, so well conserved, during the XIX century excavations.
So why not paying a visit to the Town Museum of Santa Giulia? You will see the Winged Victory and thousands of works of art in the Lombard Monastery, which houses the Museum and  was recently included in the UNESCO list as world heritage.

Ed ora un invito speciale per gli amici stranieri...


Brescia hasn’t got a strong touristic tradition, like other well-known Italian cities, but it is a unique town which allows  visitors a special experience.

Walking through its streets and squares  is like following an itinerary through history:  Piazza del Foro with the Roman ruins, Piazza Paolo VI  with its imposing medieval buildings, such as the “Broletto” and the Old Cathedral, Piazza Loggia with its fascinating Renaissance architecture and finally, Piazza Vittoria representing modern times. We must also mention the Medieval castle on the top of a hill in the heart of the town, with the Arms and Armours Museum, Santa Giulia Museum, the Mille Miglia Museum, the elegant town mansions, the rich and interesting churches...

This, and lots more is Brescia: an unexpected and surprising town!



Thanks to the variety of its landscape, the province can offer tourists many different opportunities:
LAKE GARDA has got the longest tradition in the field of tourism with its breathtaking views and its lively small towns, rich in art and history, like Sirmione, Desenzano, Salò, Limone and Gardone.

Other very interesting touristic areas include:

LAKE ISEO with MONTISOLA, the largest island in a lake of the European Alps which has been included in the “Club of the Most Beautiful Italian Villages”.

A land full of history, art and culture, with old villages, country mansions, monasteries, abbeys, castles and wineries, which have made this small region well-known all over the world.

VALCAMONICA, VALTROMPIA and VALSABBIA: the iron mines, the park of prehistoric engravings in Capodiponte, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the quiet and secluded Medieval churches and the Ethnographic Museums of the rural culture can arouse special emotions in the visitors.

THE PLAIN, land of noble country mansions, castles and sanctuaries.

This is a region proud of its typical food and wine, which are known worldwide, ranging from the “Franciacorta Wine” to the “Bagoss Cheese”, as well as its lake fish and mushrooms and truffles from the mountains.

by Elena Confortini

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